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Monday, 23 January 2012

Happy Chinese New Year

Hmmmm, for you  information, Chinese New Year ( CNY ) holiday had started from yesterday. Some schools gave one week holiday for this CNY but some schools gave less than four days. Errr, betul ke? Apa-apa je la, depends on your school. By the way, I would like to wish a great Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate.

Well, in my school they gave us one week holiday for this CNY and my school will open on 30th January. Of course my teachers will give homeworks to be done in this holiday. As I mentioned my homeworks on this post. I have finished almost everything except Bahasa Melayu ( got 3 more Bahan Rangsangan to be done) and .....that's all. I will not forget the responsibility of a student even I'm on holiday. Actually, I didn't go anywhere yet this holiday.

If any of you enjoyed your CNY holidays with your family and friends, do share it with me, ok. Isn't Sharing Is Caring? If you're a  blogger, it's a must to share your holidays with other bloggers, so, I will have a chance to comment your entries. If you're not a blogger, it's okay. Just share it with me at Facebook. As a Facebook-er, I will LIKE and leave a COMMENT. Wow, a 14 year old teenage girl have so much of responsibility!!!! Not daydreaming again!!!! OMG!!

Wah, boleh juga saya tulis entry dalam Bahasa Inggeris! Selalunya tulis entry dalam Bahasa Melayu, just untuk hari ini special sikit, tulis entry dalam-->English Language<--! Aihhhh, bila lah nak mula tulis novel. Ingin sangat nak tulis novel tapi, masa bila pula saya berangan-angan nak jadi 'NOVELIS' pula.....Puncanya, selepas baca novel 'Sekiranya Aku Menjadi Novelis' ! Haha...

Itu sahaja untuk sekarang, nak siapkan kerja sekolah pula. Bye !!

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