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Monday, 2 January 2012

Ohh, 2012

Hye and Good Afternoon everyone!
Hope all of you are fine and ready to get Back To School.
Baru tadi siapkan barang-barang untuk sekolah dan masukkan dalam beg sekolah lamaku.
Huhu, ialah mestilah guna beg lama sebab takder duit. OK, just leave it.

Saya hanya beli kotak pensil case, pakaian sekolah, kasut, buku-buku dan alat tulis.
Bolehlah tu, kan2.

OK, hari ni sebenarnya tak tahu nak post apa. So, saya pun ber-jogging searching kat Mr. Google.
I found a inspirational story. Here it comes :)


Its a common sad story in the Philippines, that some classrooms dilapidated and needs repair . I studied in a public school once, and when rain comes, rain water goes through the roof. Corruption was involved on its construction, and that is a sad reality.
I remember this well, it was raining hard, and classes were suspended. All of the children and my classmates tried to search for their nannies / guardians. Well for me I know it will be late because my mother will come to pick me up late from the office.
The rain poured harder and I can already feel the flood waters seeping through the classroom and water is now dripping from the roof.
While  building a much higher ground (by stacking tables and chairs), I saw my teacher, a young pretty lady, whose pencil cut skirt are now wet with mud and trash, she has this pail where she tries to scoop down all the flood water from the room and throw it outside the garden. I also noticed that there are some books on the shelves, some are already wet at the bottom, and she is trying to save the other books.
It cried…
While crying with mucus on my nose, I pulled up the edges of my pants, removed my shoes, and waded the flooded classroom. I grabbed a plastic bag and tried to scoop up the flood as fast as I could.
“It’s ok, don’t help me, just go back and wait for your parents,” she said.
“But teacher…”
She immediately hugged me. As I stopped breathing, I heard she said,  “If you grow old, I know you will be a good man and hope you can change everything…”
I still  cry when I remember what she said to me. I don’t know where she is now.  I hope she is okay. I love you my beloved teacher. I will become a good man as you mentioned.
(A Story From Signorelli Ricci S. Santiago, Phillippines)

p/s : Best tak cerita ni ? Give me your comment.

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