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Saturday, 14 January 2012

What's behind GREEN colour ?

Today I'm gonna to continue sharing about green. Who love green here? Hands up. Jangan lama-lama, ok! Hehe, saja je. Kidding, yo...Let's Go Green !

Only one national flag is a solid color: the green flag of Libya.

Ancient Egyptians colored the floors of their temples green.

In ancient Greece, green symbolized victory.

In the highlands of Scotland, people wore green as a mark of honor.

Green is the national color of Ireland.

A “greenback” is slang for a U.S. dollar bill.

Green means “go.” When “all systems are green,” it means everything is in order.

The green room of a concert hall or theater is where performers relax before going onstage.

The “green-eyed monster” is jealousy.

greenhorn is a newcomer or unsophisticated person.

Green is youthful.

Being “green around the gills” is looking pale and sickly.

Green with envy” means full of envy or jealousy.

A person with a “green thumb” is good at making plants grow.

green, or common, is a town park.

Green is a healing color, the color of nature.

Keep in touch with this blog to know more about other colours.

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